Blood On The Wall


National Geographic Documentary Films

Directed by: Nick Quested & Sebastian Junger

Release Date: September 30, 2020


In Central America, a caravan of migrants seeking a better life heads north to the United States, as narco-traffickers move drugs and money back and forth across the same border. From Academy Award-nominated director Sebastian Junger and Emmy-winning producer Nick Quested, Blood on the Wall explores the depths of corruption plaguing Mexico and Central America and the policies of the past that have made it impossible for everyday people to find justice.


Immigration under the current administration is indelibly marked by powerful media images of migrant caravans, thousands of Central American families walking hundreds of miles through Mexico desperate to attain asylum in the United States. Acclaimed filmmaker Sebastian Junger (Academy Award®-nominated RESTREPO and KORENGAL) reteams with Nick Quested (Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS) and National Geographic to chronicle the course of events that would transform Acapulco from tourist destination to murder capital in less than a decade.

As explicit in its indictment as it is in its graphic presentation of the horrors these families are desperate to escape, this documentary is a wake-up call to those who refuse to acknowledge the role the U.S. has played in allowing drugs and money to move effortlessly across the same border where endangered families are refused entry each day.
–Malin Kan

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