Nat Geo: Castelo Road



With the help of their network of local fixers and journalists inside Syria, and especially with the brave volunteers of the Syrian Civil Defense Force, internationally known as The White Helmets, directors Nick Quested and Sebastian Junger accumulated a large amount of footage.

White Helmet Deputy in Aleppo, Ismail Abdullah served as guide for much of the footage shot with the White Helmets for Hell On Earth.

The segment on Castelo Road is an extension of the work that the White Helmets do outside of just rescuing victims of airstrikes. As the Assad Regime gained territory into northern Syria, they laid siege to the country’s second largest city Aleppo, by cutting off its main supply route for humanitarian aid: the infamous Castelo Road. This segment is the story of those amazing volunteers, working tirelessly to keep the route safe and clear in order for aid convoys to enter the city.

A camera can be as powerful a gun — in some ways more powerful.

— Nick Quested

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