Nat Geo: Al Quds Hospital



This piece follows the stories of one of the most dangerous professions in the world: Syrian humanitarian workers serving in the medical field in Aleppo.

Most doctors have left the country, but these heroic volunteers have stayed in Syria to serve their country during the brutal ongoing civil war.

From the surgeons in the hospitals to the ambulance drivers rescuing victims of air strikes, these personal stories were collected as part of the filming of Hell On Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS, directed by Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested. Junger and Quested worked with several activists and local fixers on the ground, working closely with their fixer Mahmoud Al Basha to put together a team of heroic journalists in Syria and Turkey to cover the tragic conflict evolving in Syria. 

We thought we could tackle that from an original place and try to portray the war from all sides”

  • Sebastian Junger.

Because getting independent journalists from the west into Syria proved impossible, the filmmakers had to find different ways to obtain the footage they needed. In some cases, journalists within the country were able to discreetly supply them with exclusive images.

“We had a contact who was working in a very informal press office within Syria,” says Junger. “He was working with other western journalists to get footage out of Syria and we made contact with him.”

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